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Real Time Analytics

Data driven reports to help make smart business decisions.

With a growing business you not only need the right team but the right tools to make smart decisions. Our business analytics allow you to analyze every provider, CPT reimbursement, payor mix ratio, and many more important KPI’s that can help drive that decision making.

Key Performance Indicators.

Knowing your business’s KPI’s is crucial in ensuring continued success for your business. At CompMed we help identify the KPI’s that can contribute the most to your business decisions. We also regularly work with you on ways to have a positive impact on your KPI’s and ways to improve the overall metrics.

Days in AR

Understanding what is contributing to your days in AR and what decisions can be made to decrease overall days in AR.

Average Reimbursement

Analyzing average reimbursement by provider, location, and procedures. Giving you a true insight into your collections.

Provider Productivity

Analyzing providers based on collection rate, documentation deficiencies, and overall encounter volume.

Payor Mix

A large contributor in collections is change in payor mix between facilities and year over year patient population.

Custom Reporting

Central Data Hub.

With our robust reporting and technology we have the ability to connect to your scheduling, payroll, or any third party system you are using to incorporate that data with your Revenue Cycle Management data. No more logging into 5 different systems to pull data together. With CompMed all the data and reports you need are in one central hub.

The CompMed Difference

Our focus is to always make sure our clients have everything they need to successfully run their business as well as keeping them informed of industry trends and best practices.

  • 24/7 Real Time Reporting & Analytics

  • Interoperability with third party systems

  • KPI’s that can drive business decisions

  • Customized reports unique to your business

  • Custom Alerts and Dashboards

  • Compare your business versus national averages

Other Billing Company

  • They do not have real time reports

  • Reports lack key data elements

  • Reports provide no insight into your business

  • Reports cannot be changed or customized

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