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The CompMed Way

Patient Focused.

Let’s be honest no one enjoys receiving a medical bill. While we continue to figure out a way to make that more enjoyable… we have been able to make sure your patients have the easiest time paying a bill. Our team is always available to answer any questions and with all our options to pay it’s never been easier for a patient to pay a medical bill.

  • Text and Email Statements

  • Online Patient Portal

  • Call Center

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Our integrations lead the way to seamless processes for your business:

Our Billing Digital Workforce.

Our goal in the next 5 years is for all CompMed team members to have a digital buddy (That’s code for a robot buddy). CompMed currently levages fully automated and attended robotic process automation.

  • 1,000 robot hours

  • Millions of daily transactions

  • RPA and AI developers on staff

  • 24/7 non-stop processing

  • Unlimited Potential

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automating manual processes so our team can focus on the processes that will make the biggest impact for your business.

Interfaces & Integrations

We have hundred’s of interfaces and integrations established and are constantly adding more to ensure all manual entry for your team and ours is eliminated.

Automated Workflows

Being full service we have developed and utilize many systems. The only way to do this is for streamlined and automatic workflows.

Artificial Intelligence

We thought about having one of our robots write this section but they are too busy setting the next industry trend of billing automation..

The CompMed Way

Industry Trends.

When was the last time your billing company reached out to you about new industry trends? At CompMed we make that a regular routine for all of our clients. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest moving industries and you need the best partner to ensure your business is setting the trend and not learning about it years later.

  • New Medicare Programs
  • New service offerings
  • New procedures available for your specialty

The CompMed Difference.

Some call it Revenue Cycle Management… We call it the CompMed Way.

  • 100% Follow-Up on any denied claim. Ensuring no claim goes unpaid

  • Thousands of Data Quality Scrubbing and Edits built in to ensure clean claim submission

  • Interoperability with leading EMR’s and EHR’s

  • 24/7 Access to Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Full Transparency and Responsiveness

  • Robotics Process Automation making CompMed a 24/7 processing machine

  • Credentialing for group and providers as well as PECO’s and CAQH maintenance

  • Bank reconciliation for all deposits to ensure nothing is missed

  • Processing claims 7 days a week

Other Billing Companies

  • Limited claims processing with no denial management

  • Limited payments posting with no bank reconciliation

  • Limited to processing claims to a few days per week

  • Limited access to your data and reporting

  • Does not handle Credentialing

  • Not up to date with industry trends

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