Credentialing solutions for your business.

Over the past 30+ years, we have seasoned our credentialing specialists and understand the importance of compliance to assure constant revenue flow. Leveraging industry leading Credentialing software, our credentialing process ensures your business is properly enrolled with all insurance carriers and validating all providers are enrolled as well. We have dedicated processes to ensure proper enrollment for groups and provides that expedite the credentialing process with all insurance carriers.

Dedicated Payor Workflows

Credentialing Software.

Designated workflows in our credentialing software for all payor enrollments based on client contracts and state requirements ensures that all new providers are enrolled in all contracted payors including commercial and government. Workflows are tailored to the payor requirements.

Communication is Key

Resolving Billing Issues.

With CompMed handling all billing and credentialing services our teams can quickly work to resolve any issues that may cause claims to be delayed for processing by insurance carriers.

The  CompMed  Way

Improving cash flow by reducing front end denials through credentialing enrollment management.

  • We provide full maintenance of NPPES and CAQH

  • Track and maintain provider credentials (Licenses, DEA, Board Certs, COI, etc..)

  • Provide insurance carriers with updated credentials

  • Maintain enrollments for all provider locations

  • Expedited processing of all provider enrollments and payor applications

  • Re-Credential, Re-Certify, and Re-Validate provider enrollments

  • Proven processes for all insurance carriers in all states

  • Dedicated credentialing reports

Other Billing Companies

  • Do not handle credentialing internally

  • Limited experience with specific states and insurance carriers

  • Do no work with the billing side and only focus on credentialing

  • Not using credentialing software or established workflows

  • No visibility into where credentialing stands for your providers

Credentialing  stress free.

With full access into our credentialing process you can see every step of your group and provider credentialing. 

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