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Best Practices

You get more than just a billing system.

Your business is getting more than just some billing software. You are getting industry best practices backed by a leading Revenue Cycle Management company. The billing software that CompMed uses today is the exact same software your team will be using.

The billing software features you want.

A lot of billing software out there is just cookie cutter. At CompMed we tailor the software to your business. Multiple Tax ID’s? Not a problem. Unique reporting requirements or claim processing for specific payor’s? Not a problem. Our team is here for you to make sure our software has everything your team needs.

Amazing Support

Whether it’s training or a simple question, our team is always standing by ready to help with anything you need.


We are constantly adding additional automation tools to our system and reducing manual key strokes and processes.

Industry Best Practices

Built in industry best practices that we are constantly keeping up to date to ensure your business is ahead of the game.

Claim Scrubbing

Claims are triple scrubbed through our Data Quality reports before being sent to insurance carriers.

The CompMed Difference

Our focus is to always make sure our clients have everything they need to successfully run their business.

  • Proprietary Coding Portal (Pulse Portal)

  • Certified Coders and Auditors

  • Direct Integrations with major EMR’s/EHR’s

  • 100% Provider Feedback

  • Coding Reporting and Analytics

  • Payor and State guidelines algorithims

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

Other Coding & Auditing Businesses

  • Login to EMR/EHR and code from there

  • Coders and Auditors are not certified

  • Not familiar with MIPS reporting

  • Do not provide education or training

  • No insight into coding analytics

  • Missing state and payor guidelines

It’s as simple as a Free Audit.

Our team is standing by to show you ways to improve your business. We provide the insight to your business that you have always desired.

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